Where do you buy your fishing tackle?

Fishingguy asked:

And why? Have you or do you ever order it from the internet? I have recently opened a tackle shop (www.fishingguytackle.com) and I am curious to see just what % of people buy their fishing tackle online….

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Harry O @ 7:47 pm #

i just get mine down the local fishing shop theres loads of choice even tho its quite expensive because its easy and quick


Peter_AZ @ 1:36 pm #

Local tackle shops. The prices are a little higher than at places like Walmart or Sportmart, but they have what I need, and generally also have up-to-date information on what's biting where. And then it's a good place to hang out and talk fishing. Beyond that, I'd rather support local fishermen/businessmen than some faceless multibillion dollar corporation.

When buying a rod or a reel, I like to check out the action or movement or drag, and check for little flaws or variations between different units of the same model. Unfortunately, you can't do that online.

I buy lots of stuff online, but I've never bought fishing tackle that way.


caunltd @ 12:23 pm #

There are some items that you just can't find anywhere else. That's where the internet comes in. I fish salmon/steelhead and I REALLY love certain products, but Cabelas, BassPro, my local store….don't carry them. I have to check manufacturer websites and order online (or call) from them. Internet stores like FishUSA.com, Cabelas, Tacklewarehouse.com, all have their pro's and con's.

CONS – They require you to wait to get the product (shipping); they are not always cost effective because you have to factor in the shipping cost, and you have an inability to return items quickly and get corrections. PROS – However, they typically have better pricing, more frequently have sales on products, major retailer (online) carries a wider variety of products, any usually has the product in stock. As for my local tackle shop, well…it's like the opposite of the online stores.

CONS – higher pricing, smaller selection, not a huge stock on hand, things don't go on sale. PROS – But they offer other things like getting the item now, quick exchange/return if something goes wrong, waranty center right in town for items you buy.

All in all, it's really a game of how cheap and how fast can you get me what I want… All in all, I've had good experiences shopping online for my fishing needs, and I've bought from many different online retailers. There are some I PREFER over others. But when it comes to getting it NOW, you just can't beat the local shop.

It's really can I wait for what I need and is it worth the cost? If I can, then I order online. If I can't then I just head over to the local store.


FishSteelhead @ 11:00 am #

The Internet it'd be strictly Cabala's (convenience), as for local fishin' tackle I'll have the MS's do it for me at Wally World aka Walmart. Yuuup', am sure it sounds like I'm bein' a cop-out ie., havin' her do it but, personally I will not set foot in any of their stores. Might add that the nearest Bait Tackle Shop be bout' 40 miles away ~ if there were any closer, I'd be doin' it myself ;) … ' (( (

Note: The big draw back on shoppin' the Internet is that dreadfull S H butttt', with the cost of Petrol/gas now-a-days, what's a' man ta' do :(


Ganz 4 heisman @ 1:45 am #

I usually support my local bait shop and buy them there


chimp dancer @ 8:06 pm #

I looked you up at the site you gave…nothing there. What's the deal? That's why I support local shops….dot coms just dissapear.


stingerrig @ 12:36 pm #

I'll buy easy to find off the rack item's, just about anywhere. If I spot a bargain on someting I use frequently………I'll load up, but generally I buy from the small local tackle shop that caters to the needs of the local fisherman. High ticket item's…I usually look for a deal on the internet. I do buy ALL my lures from a jig-builder I found on the internet. The tackle maker is willing to custom make anything I can dream up…..he's good and affordable. I think that's what we're all looking for. ))))))))*


elan blaster @ 3:19 pm #

New to ebay but in some cases much cheaper than a tackle shop 40 used spinners for only $30 can’t beat deals like that. I am used to paying $4-$7 for each one. But anytime I need solid advice I go to my local tackle shop and I always try to send him the business. As my local tackle shop owner has told re saintly but I always have a set amount of customers that are addicted to fishing. As a response to are conversation of the deficit that we are in. as a consumer I can tell you that as long as I know that your prices are good then I will keep shopping with you. But it seems that most tackle shops are in fact more expensive than Big Five Sporting goods or some of this other stores. And we all have one off thaws other stores near buy whether it’s where we live or work……….so keep your prices low be honest and make a name for your self.


ny21tb @ 9:31 am #

Academy Sports and, outdoors but, We will have a Dick's sporting goods, this summer. I have ordered online from Cabelas and, Bass Pro Shops. Can't understand why We don't have one closer as, We have 3 lakes and, 2 rivers, nearby.


Joey B @ 5:12 pm #

Bass Pro is the best!!!!!!!

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